Are we getting trolls?

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I feel like 1 of these 3 things is happenening to

1. We are experienceing a type of member "renaissance" where many new and unxperienced people are posting on the boards.

2. Experienced members are trolling under aliases

3. I'm just dreaming.

Am I the only one who seems to think that the most rude or pugilistic comments are coming from many new users?
nope, in my book you're listed under "insightful", right next to admiral, endian....ect

Where did that VGS guy go to?
If you become a troll can you become like one of those trolls with the ruby in their belly-button so we can all make wishes in here :D (You know the ones I am talking about, they were big a long time ago, mimi from the drew carey show has em on her desk :p)

I used to be very active in the boards, but as I become more experienced, I find now I just mostly browse and help out where possible, I too find many discussions are becoming combative so I feel I shouldn't feed it. On the other hand the all things non technical board is actually very good in my opinion, there is a lot of opportunity for flame over there, but I think it has a couple of really good conversations going on. Also as more people use OSX, the lower the caliber of people on the boards. When I started coming here for beta, it was all people who were really interested, now well. There is still a lot of good info (better than most)!
I started here as a beta person too :D
Now there dont seem to be as many discussions that are good to partake in :p (or loss of interest) .. besides things have cooled down for OS X and there arent that many probs any more ;)
What would you guys think of a separate catagory that would only allow people with over 30 posts to add to threads? Everyone would still be able to view it. It would stop people from advertising and using aliases to flame people.

New users could still post in all of the regular catagories, plus, if they show enough interest in the forum, that they make 30 posts, they would be granted full access?

It could be called the "genius lounge" sorta like apple's store's:p

Anyone want to add some +/-'s or comments?

I feel like is a great community, i dont want it to be overpopulated with users who want to know what the dock is.
LOL I would say that would be a good idea but it would have to be over 50 posts he he he ;)

Can we have one for over 1000 posts he he he he :cool:

What would we discuss in it :confused:
Yeah, as a beta/10.0.0 user VGZ was very helpful to me. Where'd he go?

I agree with Soapvox (although I'm nowhere near his level of skill) - months of watching the site leave me less excited about posting my problems and more into browsing for neat tips and maybe the odd help.

I think 10.1 will bring a flood of new glitches / cool things and the boards will light up again.

Heck, the cuss forum is the most fun post on here (to me anyway), and who am I to say if this is the right place for it or not (I think it is - it keeps me lively after staring at somebody's UNIXese for a while).

Many new users certainly make it a little angrier than it was in 2000, but it should be expected, I suppose
We'd probably discuss trolls, and new threads that only we can post in...:D :D

It's a great idea though! Bring it on!!!!:D :D
LOL I LOVE the cus thread :p

You can be pissed of or you can creativelly cus while tellign your daily news and it all blends in :p

nice one joe, boy that blue pill is tasty!

i just think that a exclusive area in the forum would provide us with some good, rational converstations, like what's the best browser, or whats in the new build...

...all without people interjecting with opinions that cannot be changed, and insults that make no sense...

basically, its the same as the regular forum minus repititous newbie questions and garbage posts.

wouldn't you guys like a lot more threads that are of the quality of the "middle east" thread?

I know that this wont happen though. Believe it or not, is a business, there are advertisements, and wants as many users as it can get. A "genius lounge", in my mind would limit new user growth.

I think our admin has been great, and to ask him to make exclusive catagories would be too much. The site problably will get less money because he was kind enough to change the format back. Its a great idea, but its not practical. Anyone out there wanna set up a forum?:D
Excellent point about the site. A special forum would be great, but this is not a non-profit organization. Actually, I am grateful for the site and hope more advertisers sign on.

Admin has been excellent, yet unobtrusive. Good work.

It is amazing that we can come here not only to talk about the sites namesake, but everything from our ability to cuss to Middle Eastern politics - and we don't get THAT rude. The most severe flaming has been a result of software piracy attempts, and believe me, that is better than a huge flame session on religion or politics.

Maybe we should pay attention to Soapvox's site for more off topic chitter.
As usual in discussion forums, one of the biggest problems when you get new people is that rather than seraching/browsing/reading for the answers they require, they just start a new thread asking for help with their specific problem. As a relative newbie, I'd been browsing these boards for a couple of months before I even got OSX, never mind before I started posting, so I knew a fair amount before I started (thanks guys!!). Anyway, I agree with vic - once 10.1 is out, those of us who can tell our Dock from our Terminal will have our work cut out...
Personally, I feel that there are too many catagories for the threads. Take out about 5 or 6 and consolidate them with the others. For example:

1) Tips & Tricks can move in with Customization

2) "Upcoming Hardware/Software/3rd Party" combine into "New Technologies"

3) OSX Server & Server Apps (apache, mySQL, etc...)

4) Install and Report Problems combined.

In addition to these combinations, have a section designed like a tutorial thread, a HOWTO. To post in this section, you either have to have one of three things... over 500 posts, knighted by the admin/moderator, or voted on by the people as an expert. This section should be the first section that Newbies go to to find out about info. It might be that someone just consolidates the facts that came about through the threads in the regular boards, or it might be a pet project of the poster.
Being a PHP MySQL programmer, at this late date it would be quite a chore to do that and make sure nothing gets screwed up. Each forum has an ID and it may be just as simple as switching IDs but then again depending on how the DB is built it may be a nightmare.
be careful what you wish for, i don't think some here has yet 500 posts and it's too dangerous... you have to take into consideration human nature (competition), if we get a system that filters users out by post numbers then someone might just start a blank thread and keep on repeting themselves until they achieve the desired number to have the extra privileges, or, if the mod/min starts giving out kudos to users then there's gona be a bashing back and forth : no, i have better advice! no! i do! you suck you don't deserve any Kudos! fuck you! and so on and so on... so, let's just leave it how it is cuz it aint broke, and what did mama tell you about things that aint broke?!