Are we getting trolls?


What I was meaning with this new post was a limited number of people that could post HOWTOs that people could use to refer to.

Like the thread about VM. How to change your page size, and how to change your VM drive location. And like this new thread about RAID.

Just a few people that have access to post in this folder for everyone to benefit. How those people are choosen, I really don't care. The idea would be to limit people from being able to post. Maybe the requirement could be a test about OSX and computers in general that would give them access to post in this forum.

These posts would be un-replying threads, and if the author or mod wanted to edit the posts, they could.


why not just make a faq then? i seems to me you are taking something like a message board and mutating it into a how-to-faq thingie; that rally has nothing to do with this site now does it? this is a message board. a message board is a message board. it's not an elephant, cow, gorilla or a how-to website.

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It ends up that this site does classify users by post #. It may be after 100 posts i think, your default "junior member" status will be replaced with "senior member". I have no idea what the difference is other than the name.
You guys wanna go check your control panel to see whether your default is senior or junior? it many be that magic number a few of us spoke of before. I must say that would find 100 posts to much too high of a number for special features, only a few people, mabey like 8, have that many.


I read this board to try & learn new things about Mac OS X and to help new users. If a board had a minimum post limit of any number, this would prevent new users from asking for a solution to a potential new problem. Lots of people here may be experienced mac users, but create an account simply to ask a question they've never run into before. I abhore the RTFM attitude I get anytime I ask a question in the Linux world, and I've been really proud at how all the Mac OS X boards have not taken that stand. They've been really helpful and patient with even the most basic questions. If we start telling people to "read the faq" when they ask a question here, I don't see the point of the forums at all.

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The idea was not to restrict all users from posting, just have a serparate area for more frequent users. If you want to know more about this, go to the volunteering section which was recently created. We have already established a volunteer only area catergory, and are thinking of making a FAQ for newer users, but, more importantly, we are not limiting the usage of anyone who wants to post in any way.