Are we going to get the nano software?


We = other iPod users.

Of course, the stopwatch is pointless on a hard disk based system, but what about world clocks and the password set up? Will we get that too?


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I saw a good pull-apart and hack of the iPod nano on Makezine, which suggested that it handles its firmware a little bit differently to other iPods. I'd expect that means they expanded the capabilities of the firmware a little bit for the nano. The other iPods may get some of the nano's features on the next firmware update (the security code would be a great one) but I wouldn't count on it.


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Yeah, I guess the 'other' iPods will get the features when they're updated the nex time. So: 5G iPods will probably have the features. But older models: Nope.

Btw.: Why would a stop-watch be useless on a harddisk based system? I'm a poetry slammer and often need to know how long my poems are, and of course I need a stop watch to define that. ;)


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Yeah, I am a stage manager and have to time scenes and acts in plays all the time.

why does apple always screw the older iPod users? we want cool new stuff too :'( (or at-least give an iPod software SDK)


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Because the iPods are consumer electronics, basically, and not a computing platform. You get what you pay for, they fix the bugs. But for new features, you'll have to sell your old and buy a new iPod.
You see: There's a time coming when the market is saturated with MP3 players, and Apple will only be able to sell more iPods when older users buy newer devices. If people come to think that you'll be able to upgrade your iPod with newer models' features, it'd gonna be hard to change that behaviour. Better make it clear that the iPod's what you get. You don't buy the "future" with it, you buy a present. ;)


surely it wouldnt be so tough for apple to update the 4g colour ipods with the new toys on the nano...

they must have upward updates planned! the nano as well as having the things mentioned above also shows what podcasts have been played or not - thats a pretty great thing to have.

i'm utterly surprised that there has been no ipod software update since the nano - there is no real reason not to do it.

the new nano features arent anything that the 4g's can't handle - and there should be an update.

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no, it *is* possible. there is no question in that. however, apple is a business, not a charity. if you want a stopwatch, a safe and some world clocks, it's available to you.

it's *possible* to use the new features of Adobe CS2, but they aren't going to give you them for free, you offer features to get people to buy it, not stay with the old one.

would you pay, say £40 for the new features on your ipod? because that would also be perfectly reasonable.


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JetwingX said:
why does apple always screw the older iPod users? we want cool new stuff too :'( (or at-least give an iPod software SDK)
Funny how that "older iPod" was probably super-awesome when you first bought it, but now that you compare it to NEWER technology, all of a sudden you're getting screwed because the newer technology does something that your old one doesn't and Apple ain't giving you the new functionality for free.

Yeah, all owners of old iPod got screwed BIG time. Damn I feel sorry for ya. Whever will you do without a freaking countdown timer on your iPod? Whatever will you do without the ability to lock the screen? Man, might as well throw that iPod away now because if you keep it any longer, you'll just keep getting screwed over and over as new technology comes out.


i'm not to bothered about the stopwatch / world clock -

but the ability to show which podcasts have been played or not is a great feature - its a softwawre upgrade - and a minor one at that.

apple may not be a charity but it does update its software incrementally for free. if this was a brand new ipod in form and function that had some amazing form of funcationality which really did make current ipods 'old' by having totally amazingly different inards - then i could understand...

but its not...colour ipod 4g's are the 'grown up' ipods - they should be the most 'fully featured' - it makes sense in any market that has different models of the same product. the more high end products are more feature packed - and you pay for that! and the lower models are lower simply because some of the high end features have been stripped away. in this case - the only real difference is capacity!

if ibooks came with higher res screens / a back lit keyboard / better grafix cards and than the powerbook range - would that make any sense at all? the lower end machine having 'more' features than the high end? hmmm...

apple should send out a new ipod updater for all colour ipods.