Are you going to buy the next-generation iPad 3?


"I'd be glad to answer any questions about this particular model if anyone wants to ask."

Me too, but the wife won't let go of it long enough for me to even 'play' for a few minutes! :(


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My boss is in the same situation -- he had me pick him up an iPad 2 when I stood in line on release day + 1. His wife didn't understand the allure behind the iPad, but he loved it -- checking company emails from the couch, taking it on business flights to get some light computing done on the plane, etc. She didn't understand what she could use it for; I don't think she understood what it was at all, really. Who needs to carry around what amounts to a flat screen thing that doesn't have a CD drive or any ports on it?!

Since then, his wife has basically usurped the iPad and almost can't live without it.

He's going to Las Vegas next week for a conference, and his wife got all saucer-eyed:

"You're not taking the iPad, are you?"

"Yes, of course I am."


"See that old-ass Windows computer on the desk in the corner? That."



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Yeah, don't you remember Diablo, AT&T withdrew that unlimited plan one month after the launch of the first iPad. And it is truly unlimited too, AT&T doesn't throttle iPad subscribers. But I have pretty decent WiFi here in the city anyway, so I needn't abuse it. Unfortunately at my farm upstate there is no decent DSL and AT&T's 4G there isn't LTE. But at least it is much faster than the old 3G: about 5 Mbps as opposed to around 1. And the sales guy at the AT&T store where I purchased my new iPad told me that they were busy installing 4G equipment so it shouldn't be a long wait. Glad I bought it there too because it was quite a process, transferring my unlimited account, don't think they had ever done that before there (a small hick town). Anyway the Apple Store doesn't handle that kind of thing, the employees at the NYC stores could only answer my inquiries with "Good question!"

So far my new iPad is performing flawlessly and getting great battery life— now that I know to keep it charging for at least an hour past reaching 100%. Love the screen, and the fact that it can be dimmed down so much further than on the first two generations. Sound is superb too, am right chuffed over all. Best Electronic Device Ever.


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Ah, yes... I do remember that. I'm not one to think that companies pull Bait and switch operations that often, but if ever there was one that was blatantly obvious, that one was it!


I am a proud owner of an iPad 3 now. I am so excited and happy to have it. :D

on another note, I was looking for iPad infos for couple of days before I bought mine one and I saw some cool stats on iPads.

iPad - Statistics and facts

hope these facts will help someone.


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I usually wait & see I'm not an early adopter..but I'm waiting for Apple's next go for a surface like thing