At what time MacWorld starts at your place?!


Tell everyone how late MacWorld starts at your place :D:D

In the Netherlands, MacWorld will start 6.00 PM, if I'm right (18.00h).

AppleWatcher ;)


Hi There AppleWatcher :)

I live also in the Netherlands, and Macworld start at 17 : 50 excactly :)
i hope i can watch in Real Player ? at TechTV ??
Quicktime doesnt run verry well too slow :-(


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Switzerland = 18.00h ... I hope my 0.5 Mbps line is enough for a big QT window. :)


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My gosh. So many of you are so far away from Apple HQ. Poor people, how can you stand being so far away from all the fun? :D

Keynote starts at 9 AM for me! And I'll be sitting in one of those rows. ;)


...than raise during the show and shout "MACOSX.COM, CAN YOU SEE ME?"

that would be cool!

Anyhow, I am not sure when it starts here, 17:00 or 18:00...wait, Germany should be 17:00...right? How many hours is SF behind??? Ah, doesn't matter, I will stay tuned at 17:00...


Damned :confused:

You are a verry verry lucky man , i hope you have a good time tommorow:D

Maybe Apple Has made a new G5 line witch starts at 2 GHZ ????
that would terminate the MHZ myth, no more PC is Better than Mac Bl bla bla
etc etc......:D :D :D :D

And Maybe The iWalk is a iPhone ??????????????????????????????????????


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How much would you give to see me yell that, guys? (I probably wouldn't do it, unless seriously tempted with something that has remained nameless but is to come out tomorrow.) :D

Maybe I'll yell something like, "Damn that is awesome!" to Steve when he unveils whatever it is that he's unveiling. And then you guys'll know it's me. :)


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Heeey! Why can YOU have more smileys in your posts than ME, eh?

Seems like my limit is 3:confused: :mad: :mad: :mad:


You would be my hero forever ;)

Or why not act like Bender in the Futurama episode where he is at the cooking show, yelling "interesting" at every second sentence from Steve, "you're the man" once he pauses for a sec etc.

If you make him say "please, somebody, kill this app in row seven", I will send you an empty firewire drive casing I don't need anymore ;)

Nah, seriously, I wish I could be there, but I expect a looooong report from you over here once you come back ;)


you just posted five

But I noticed the same for me...maybe the size of both your avatar and the smiley may not exceed a given amount


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Yeh, it WAS 3 (for the post only, the signature seems to be independent), but now it seems to be increased to 10 or something :D


My timezone says 18:00 (06.00PM), but I don't know the EXACT time. Do you, ksv? (I don't want to miss the LIVE feeling;)) (You know?)

:) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :cool:


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could you euros please post the date with your time. i am still trying to understand the differences in our times. i learn this better thru this kind of format than reading just the facts.

obviously i will be in real time with steve - but i'll be home like the rest of you.:p