Audio disc copied via iTunes does not work on Xbox console


Basically, I have the latest Xbox drive so it reads all copied discs - well, it should do - but the Xbox can't recognise it. It works via my PC, just not if it's copied via my mac it won't work.

ElDiabloConCaca said:
Are you doing a straight, audio-CD copy (iTunes preferences set to burn "Audio CD")?

I noticed shortly after posting that it was set to Audio CD (and each song was an aiff file, no good to Xbox).

So, I chose MP3 CD. Now, it recognised it (no invalid/broken CD error), but just as a blank disc... :(
Technically, the files on the CD aren't AIFF format -- that's just the way that the Macintosh chooses to display them (and, as such, when you drag-and-drop an audio CD track off of an Audio CD, it is converted to AIFF on-the-fly). Back in the days of OS 6 and 7, when you inserted an audio CD, the files would show up as audio tracks of 0-length, and you could not copy them off the CD (they weren't converted to AIFF on-the-fly).

If you have Toast laying around, you might want to try creating an audio CD and trying that in the XBox -- my audio CDs play fine in my XBox, whether burned with Toast or iTunes. This may narrow it down to the way that iTunes is actually burning the CD if Toast happens to work...

I hope that helps, and I'm glad you found at least one way to make the CDs work!
Hmm... I don't have toast. :(

I guess I'll just have to use the PC. Thanks for your advice.

PS: Getting the Xbox 360?
um. it is nothing to do with iTunes. XBOX's don't read burnt discs without some sort of mod/hack