Audio recording problems

I have a CD writer and a DVD writer. Just lately if I try to record an audio CD on either of them it starts to write the lead in and just sticks there. This happens in Toast and iTunes. They both write data cds fine. This has only started happening in the last 3 weeks or so. Any ideas?
No promises, but you might try to lower the burn speed. In iTunes go to the "Burn" pane in the preferences menu and set the speed lower (maybe as low as 1x or 2x). I had some problems burning Audio cd's in the past and this fxed it, although it takes a little while (long while...) to burn.

Also, have you tried a different brand of CD-R? I find that "Music CD-R"s sometimes work better for music (who woulda' thunk it?!?) All media brands are not alike!