automator or apple script for ical import export?


I have a problem and was wondering if automator, apple script or something else might provide a solution.

I have a work calendar (exchange) that can be synced to my work computer, but not to any other computer. I also have a google calendar synced to my work computer. This google calendar can be synced to my home mac mini, ipod, ipad, etc. ... but NOT to my exhange work calendar. I would like to fake a sync from exchange calendar to my google calendar though my work macpro. Is this possible?

My imagined solution:
My thought was that since both calendars can sync to my macpro at work (through iCal) that perhaps a solution can be found by routinely exporting my exchange calendar to a file and then importing that file into ical for my google calendar. Then perform the exact reverse process to insure that both calendars contain the same information. Problem is that I don't know how to make iCal do this. In this type of solution it is possible to have identical events imported. If a file contains an event that is already in the calendar is that event duplicated?

Any help, advice would be appreciated. I'd like to use this as an opportunity to learn how to use applescript or automator if this is something that lends itself to using one of those.

Security. Our exchange server is setup to only allow syncing to onsite computers. I want to access my calendars from offsite, thus the need for something like google calendars. Our office computers, on the other hand, are able to sync to external calendars. Not sure if this an oversight ornot, but it is a situation that I am willing to exploit. Just not sure exactly how to exploit it.
Can you use the Share feature in iCal to share your work calendar with yourself, subscribing from home to this editable calendar?
Everything has been locked down with the exception of the export and import commands. Are these programmatically available somehow? Can I set up a chronjob (or some thing equivalent) to export from my 2 respective calendars and then import one file to the other? How do I do this, or where should I go to look for help.

Sounds like your problem will not be helped by learning a little about Applescript or anything else that you can do yourself - The simple answer would be to convince your IT folks (or whoever has responsibility for the Exchange server) that you have a business need to sync to your work calendar when not actually at work.
That's too bad.

BTW, I have tried manually implementing the procedure I proposed above and it "works" Each of calendars get all of the other events and any duplicates it asks which to keep (annoying), so a simple "revert to server" selection for each duplicate event (again, annoying) resolves any conflict.

So, is there no way to automate that export/import/"revert to server" process? That would be too bad.