Automator workflow doesn't work as Plugin


Hi there,

I've created a workflow in Automator that calls and connects to three different servers. It bothers me that the Finder opens the volume window upon mounting it, and I like that Automator simply mounts the volume on my desktop without opening its root window.

Two of the three of these work fine ("Interactive" and "Users"). The last volume, "Shared," only mounts if I run the workflow as an application, or by hitting play in Automator. If I save it as a Finder plugin, I get an error saying that the server/volume isn't available! It's definitely the SAME workflow. The other volumes definitely don't have this problem.

Anyone experience this?


Hmmm... any difference in user/pass for that particular share? Is it being shared from the same machine as the other shares? Howabout domains -- same domains? Same protocol (TCP/IP, SMB, AppleTalk, etc.)?
I can't get any plugins to work either. It shows the process in the menu bar, and says "Workflow completed"... but doesn't actually do anything.