Backing up over Network with Mac OS X


I need help with a pretty vital project. I have a Power Mac dual G5 with Tiger that I am using for a backup device. It is hardwired via CAT5 to the router. The G5 has the OEM HDD as main drive with a 2 TB secondary SATA drive that I want to back up to. This is an internal drive. I am connecting a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion via WIFI on the same network.

I can connect to the Power Mac primary drive, but cannot see the 2 TB secondary drive. Ultimately, I want to use Chronosync to backup to the 2 TB drive. Then back up the 2TB drive to an online storage site such as Backblaze.

I cannot connect in any form to the 2 TB drive, i.e. with Chronosync, finder, command k, etc.

As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks Community!

You sound like you know what you're doing, but I'll just suggest a few basic things first...

1. Can you log-in to your Power Mac via SSH and see the 2 TB drive in the



2. What is the output of the following command when run on your Power Mac:

ls -la /Volumes

3. If you select the 2 TB drive on your Power Mac's desktop and press Command-I, is the "Shared Folder" option checked/unchecked? What settings are shown in the "Sharing and Permissions" section?