Baffling Keyboard


Driving me nuts trying to get back to normal.

Was fiddling in system prefs the other day, and somehow turned something on (or off).
Now, every time i hit the fn, control,, option, & command keys, it flashes on the upper right of the screen.

Driving me bonkers trying to reset, but to no avail!

What did I do, and what to undo??
Go to System Preferences>Keyboard
Click on Modifier Keys. A new window opens. Click on Restore Defaults. Then the OK button.
If you are seeing those key "symbols" on the screen when you press each modifier key, then that's a different preference.
System Preferences/Accessibility, then Keyboard.
Turn OFF "Enable Sticky Keys".
You will note that the Options on that sticky keys allows you to display pressed keys on the screen, also to "beep" when the keys are pressed.
Turning Sticky Keys off should bring back your sanity.