Battery time on TiBook in 10.1 vs. 9



I noticed, that the displayed time for how long the battery of my TiBook will last in 10.1 is always lower that in 9. In 9, when the battery is full I get about 5hours time (in the display) but in 10.1 its just 3 hours. I didn't test it yet, but does anyone have expierience with that? Maybe 10.1 needs more energy? Especially when Classic is launched?
So, when I'm off travelling in the train for 5 hours, should I use 9, cause I'll have more time? I mean 10.1 would be way cooler, just to impress, you know. Although the TiBook already impresses a lot... :D



Unofficial Mac Genius
OS X uses much more energy than the Classic MacOS, and this observation just reflects that Apple is being more realistic in their time estimates in OS X versus OS 9.1. OS X does require more power, and, so, yes, you would get more PowerBook time if you revert to OS 9.1 when you're not connected to power. Let's hope this discrepancy disappears (or at least lessens to a great extent) in further iterations of Mac OS X.


Thinking Different
I notice this problem as well. I am sure Apple will address this issue in a future update. After the 10.0.4 update I was getting about 20-30 minutes more out of my battery than with 10.0.