Before I upgrade MacBookPro to Mavericks, I would like to be able to launch Snow too


I need a confirmation:

I have a MacBookPro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I have the 10.6 disks. I recently formatted a 16gb USB, GUID, extended. I "theoretically" installed the Disk Snow Leopard onto the USB. I say theoretically because I haven't tested it.

I recently found out, which I did not know, that one can partition a disk even with data on it, with no data loss. I thought partitioning would reformat. And, of course, I won't attempt it without the Time Machine back up.

So, it was suggested I
1. Make sure the Time Machine is current.
2. Partition the MacBookPro with Snow Leopard installed on it now. Make the partition like 16gb (the hard drive is 650gb)
3. Then install Snow Leopard in the partition.
4. Then upgrade the Macbookpro with Mavericks.

Is this correct?

And since I already did the USB install,
5. Can I just partition, not do anything with it, go ahead and upgrade to Mavericks and if my usb doesn't boot up, install the disks later in the partition I made?

This is all for just two software programs - that I know of -that absolutely will not work in Mavericks... but I may have others since some are so old, like 5 years or more.

And, to boot up with the USB.
I start the computer, hold down the "command c" and then choose? Don't remember how to do that without booting with disks.

Thanks for any insight.

PS I know that once I buy my new MacMini I will not be able to run the snow leopard as it will not have originally had snow leopard on it; this is an interim fix as I want to first upgrade the MacBook Pro, then I'm going to get a Mac Mini, but keep the MacBookPro awhile and use Snow Leopard occasionally, if at all ... I'm talking maybe twice a year.


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Doctor X

Actually . . . you may be able to run Snow Leopard on it. My current machine came with Lion
long ago. I had cloned my previous computer's drive, then erased and then copied the clone to it. Voila!

This is despite the fact that the current machine never had Snow Leopard "originally" on it, and it caused the tech at the store I purchased it from's brain to explode, and not just because of the complex grammar.

More relevant . . . I had a printer that only scanned on Snow Leopard. Finally satisfied with Mountain Lion, I simply used an Ext-HD for Snow Leopard . . . booted off of that.

So . . . assuming Sat or another Guru does not rush in to tell you that you cannot possibly boot the new Mac Mini on Snow Leopard . . . you may try that.