Best camera for the Mac

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What's the best camera for the Mac?

I know about and other great camera sites, but I'd like more specific info about how "Mac friendly" a camera is i.e. All other things being equal (or even if they're not quite equal), I'll always choose a camera/manufacturer that was Mac friendly over one that isn't.

My definition of "Mac friendliness":
  • Can connect via Firewire (or 802.11g)
  • Has built in resolutions that closely match Mac displays (esp. 1024 by 768, 1280 by 854, 1440 by 900, 1680 by 1050, 1920 by 1200 and 2560 by 1600)
  • Can upload to an iPod via a direct firewire connection (or 802.11g, once iPods have this capability)

I know that no camera meets all of the above (esp. the iPod connection) criteria.

How many come close?

What other features which define "Mac friendliness" in a camera that I haven't given above?



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Very few most likely. Cannon and Nikon are probably the two best brands being sold today. Olympus used to have some good cameras, but their quality lately seems to have gone way down hill.

Just to get the firewire interface, expect to spend $500+. The only cameras I know of that have it are at least that, if not more. Most are digital SLR models aimed at professional users.

Never heard of one having any WiFi capabilities...maybe Bluetooth, but definitely not WiFi of any kind. I also seriously doubt you'll see that added to the iPod either...but we may see Bluetooth on one.


Don't forget you can get a card reader for very cheap that will pump the card data over firewire.

I have a consumer Canon A75. Very solid point-and-shoot family camera for like $250. My only gripe in terms of how it relates to the Mac is that for some reason it won't mount on the desktop like other cameras. It will, however, launch iPhoto and upload that way, but I'd rather bypass iPhoto. Presumably, if I just get a card reader, the problem should be solved.

There is iPod upload hardware, but I don't know if it's firewire also.


I use a Sony Cybershot. It works very well with my Mac and I don't need to install any drivers at all. Pluging it in, it automatically mounts on the desktop and in iPhoto, I can easily import pictures.

Fits my needs well :)


On panther my Sony powershot also does anything I could think of without any additional drivers


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Whether or not the camera mounts on the desktop is a function of the camera itself, not anything to do with OS X. It depends on whether the camera supports "card reader" mode, which, quite simply, is just the camera being able to emulate a card reader. Totally dependent on the camera.


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I use an Olympus Camedia and have no problems. Camera kicks butt too.


I have a Canon Ixus V3 - it works nicely with my G4, again only launches iPhoto (or Canon software if anyone uses that) on direct connection; obviously the memory card mounts as removable media in a reader - this is good as there is no obvious way to get the .avi file off if I have made a movie; have to go in there and drag it off....

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I love my Canon Digital Rebel dSLR. This is a great camera, and Canon gives Mac users good software comparable with their Windows offerings. My camera came with Canon's Photo Stitch software for panoramic views, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and 2 other pieces of Canon software that allow you to work with pictures in RAW format.

I use a USB2.0 card reader because I use high-speed CF cards and the Digi-Reb only has a USB1.0 connection.