Best digital photo software?


I just got a new Panasonic digital camera for my daughter and wonder what is the best all-around photo software. All-around meaning ease of use, feature availability and price. This is our first digital camera, but she will be using it for school photo class. Any help with this is appreciated.


Photoshop Elements should be adequate for most novices.
If she decides that she really needs more than Elements can provide, then she could always upgrade.


iPhoto obviously is easy and does provide a few tweaks to pictures (red eye, crop, converting to B&W or sepia etc..) but you need to buy the all iLife suite.

A little more sophisticated and not too expensive look into this shareware graphic converter click here


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Another vote for Adobe Photoshop Elements. I use GraphicConverter and Gimp as well but would not recommend either for the casual user, as both are a bit fiddly to work with.