Best way to set up backup drive for data?


I just bought two 2 TB Hitachi's. One I will use for all of my data and the other one for backup. (my main drive is an SSD)

Can someone suggest the best solution as to how to configure the backup drive? Should I set it up RAID-1 so it will always mirror the other drive? Or, should I set it up to run a nightly clone using Data Backup 3.0?


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A RAID-1 only protects you against hardware failure, which probably isn't as likely as software failure or human error. So I don't consider it a good backup strategy.

I've never used Data Backup 3.0, but I would recommend some kind of incremental backup program. I use Time Machine, personally, and I'm pretty happy with it. SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are well-regarded, but I've never personally used either for incremental backups.


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I use Carbon copy Cloner on one of my external 1TB drives. I set a schedule in CCC a that runs and incremental backup every week (after I first cloned my startup drive to it) and it's been running very well for a year and a half. :)