Beta Testing Tropical MacBook


Scratch & Sniff Committee
This photo is definitely a fake, because the "Tropical" screensaver seems to be appearing on the outside of the display, while the notes and calendars from your cubicle wall are on your screen. I reckon its a Photoshop job.

Either that, or you've got yourself a really nice spot there. :)


Tropics Tech
Symphonix... lol! I enjoy it... 81° degree with a comfortable breeze and it's 1130pm.

Maybe i should of photoshoped the image into a stuffy office cubical as you reverse engineered in your explanation.



Superb , CaribbeanOSX , one could think he is on the spot ! As it happens , I have just posted a thread in "Bob's place" asking if somebody could tell me the name of the big star gleaming over your head in December nights ...Apparently , in macosx-club, you just have to ask , and ... signed vanostade from the east of France , with now falling down ...