Big Cursor!


This is just a comment as I don't think that anything important is going on, or any fault occurring. But, since I upgraded to 10.11.4 El Capitan I have noticed that the arrow cursor will increase in size hugely if I move it in a fast circular motion. As soon as I stop moving fast, it returns to normal.

This is 10.11.4 on a 2013 MacBookPro.

The pictures. It all seems to work. Is it a bug, or is there a setting I have missed. Or is it indeed something that I need to fix?


Big C.jpg


That was one of the minor changes in El Capitan, even in the early betas.
(The early betas provided no method to turn that feature off, but was added before the original full release of El Capitan.)

It's an alternate way to find the cursor. No circular movement necessary, just shake it. Side-to-side works better for me...
You can toggle that in System Preferences/Accessibility pane.
Click on Vision, Display, then check the box "Shake mouse pointer to locate" (or uncheck it :) )
I use it frequently on a shared display/projector, so I can easily find the the cursor when I move it accidentally off the main screen.

So, nothing to fix, just enjoy using it! You may find one day that it's one of those little details that STILL make a Mac running OS X a Good Thing™