Big Hardware problem

Johnny Barros

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what the hell is this? I was just using word to type some stuff, then all the sudden, there was an error saying: Disk is full or something like that.. So I was like.. *???*, i just clicked it away, thinking my macbook made a joke.. Then I wanted to save my word document and it said: No posieble senor. I was really confused and still am.. As you can see on the beautiful print screen i made, u can see that I have almost 500GB of 'other'.. And i really don't know what it is and where it came from all the sudden... So this is why i am here, begging for help. I hope someone will rescue my soul, I will be very thankful. And i deleted some stuff so I have some space left... But it still is a disaster.

I hope there are still a few geniuses left in this beautiful world where my macbook pro late 2011 2,4ghz can have a future.

Thanks in advance.

Your hard drive is almost filled up.
You'll see on your page that displays storage that there are 6 different kinds of data represented.
"Other" will usually be the largest amount on an internal drive.

You need to discover what is filling up your hard drive, and remove files that you don't need.
Here's a thread that will help you decide what to delete, and what is taking up that space:

I like to use the utility "OmniDisksweeper"