Black lines all over macbook screen?


Hi guys-

So recently my Macbook has developed black spots and lines all over the screen. I have never dropped it, but I bought it in 2007, so I know it's not the newest computer around. I really don't have the money to get it fixed by apple, nor do I have money to buy a new laptop. I linked a picture of what it looks like. Just wondering if by looking at it anyone can see what might be the problem? Someone told me it might be the graphics card, and someone else said the screen itself might be the problem? Any ideas? And is it worth it to fix??
IMHO, it would have to be the screen, as if it was the GC, it would be somewhat symmetrical. (looks like a tree!)

Just had my MBP screen replaced at a PC store for abt. $240. Yours should be cheaper as it's smaller than my 17" and not hi-res.
Yes, absolutely, that's a broken screen. There's no way to fix it, other than replacing the LCD screen.
It was dropped, or (more likely) something relatively heavy was dropped on it while the lid was closed.
Yes, it is worth to fix it as the replacement screen should be way less than a new screen.
As an alternative or meanwhile workaround for the new screen, would you have an external screen (plus keyboard and mouse) to use with your laptop? That way you could still use the computer and see the full screen on another display. Most likely the screen was the only thing that was damaged by whatever event or thing it was that broke the screen. (if you use it for a while with an external screen, you can get a confirm for this).

Broken screens suck, and I hope you can have it repaired though. Maybe if it was in a bag, something was dropped on it or someone sat on it or something similar.