Block Checker.....


My Neice has clicked to acceped this worm. I dont think it works on a mac but it cannot be deleted from the desktop because it says it is in use.

Can anyone help?

How can i force a deletion?

Tried force quit

The get nfo says its a document but there is a .dmg somewhere called block.dmg that is running and I cant locate it using the finder


Has anyone had any experience of deleting this from a mac??
Type this into the terminal:

"sudo rm "

WITHOUT the quotes, INCLUDING the trailing space, DO NOT press enter. Then, drag-and-drop the file from the desktop into the Terminal window where you typed the command, and a full pathname to the file should be filled in following the last space in the above command.

Press enter, and type your admin password at the "Password:" prompt. The file should be removed.

Fair warning: what you are doing is forcing a delete via the super-user ("sudo" = "super user do...". This is dangerous, and can remove files from any location on the system. If you aren't careful with it or accidentally delete the wrong file(s), you can hose your entire OS X system, requiring a reinstall. Just a disclaimer.
Thanks for the tip BUT.....
everything works well. File path comes up.... asks for password but then wont let me type anything... what am i doing wrong?
Really appreciate you taking the time to help
just type your password, you won't see anything being typed, then hit return.
Like bobw said: it's for security. So people spying over your shoulder have to take the extremely difficult route of watching your fingers instead of just reading it off the screen. I find it helps to slow down my password entry for times like this, as I tend to make mistakes if I go to fast, and it appears that my password isn't working when I'm really just typing it wrong.
thanks guys, all worked in the end - the test file i deleted from the dasktop nearly threw me cos the icon didnt disappear at first - so i tried to drag it to the trash manually and got an error message which i guess was because the file was not there anymor for me to trash it.
Will now talk my neice through the procedure by phone and see what happens.

Your help is much appreciated and its great to learn another trick!!

Thanks again