Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs With Ibook, But Not Imac



I could use a tip for pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my iMac 17", 10.3.9, 1ghz, 160G machine. My wireless mouse pairs just fine.

The keyboard pairs with my ibook w/10.4, so the keyboard doesn't seem to be the issue.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance, Brigette.
It would help if you could explain the problem in a little more detail -- what, exactly, happens when you try and pair the keyboard? Does it pair then disconnect? Does it never find the keyboard? What brand of bluetooth keyboard is it?
Of course, I use bluetooth assistant to pair the keyboard. It connects to the keyboard, gives me a passkey to type in and I do so. The Assistant then tells me it failed to connect and that I should make sure the devices are discoverable and try again.

I have confirmed "discoverable" is checked, that the keyboard has a fresh set of batteries and that the keyboard switch is in the "on" position.

Thanks for helping out~
Strange... what brand/model of keyboard is it? Howabout un-pairing the mouse, then trying to pair the keyboard as the first and only device? Is the bluetooth hardware Apple-supplied, or is it a 3rd party bluetooth adaptor?

I'm just kinda shooting in the dark here, as it's a strange problem. If the bluetooth hardware and/or keyboard isn't Apple-branded, that could cause pairing problems (but then again, Apple-branded stuff may fail to pair as well).

We'll keep trying until we find out something!
Strange indeed...I have the Apple wireless mouse & keyboard and am using Apple installed Bluetooth. I have confirmed I'm using the most updated firmware on all counts.

I tried your tip. Paired keyboard love. Paired the mouse...much love. Tried pairing both using "any device" love on the keyboard. Zapp'd the Pram, repaired permissions just cause. Even tried replacing the batteries again.

I'm not in the position to buy another wireless keyboard, so I'll continue living in a "wired" world for now...if you can think of something, feel free to pass it on.

Thanks El Diablo!
Hmmm... the only other thing I could suggest is to take advantage of the warranty on the keyboard, if there is any left. It seems to be a hardware problem to me, but there's one last test you should do:

Create a new user, and try and pair the keyboard under the new user account.

Ah, one other thing that you may want to try is to turn off the computer, keyboard, and mouse and leave them off for an hour or so (overnight if possible), then try pairing again. Perhaps that'll "reset" something enough to make the keyboard pair.
Hardware it troubleshoot user won't pair the keyboard either.
Thanks again for all the help.