Bondi Imac 233 Can't Read Ram Slot


My Father-in-law gave me a RevA Bondi iMac 233. Its clean, in great condition, and was well taken care of. I started it up and found that it was original everything, 4GB HD, 32MB RAM, 2MB VRAM. However, he did install OS 9, and swears that he upgraded to 64 MB RAM.

I decided to upgrade to OS X. I bought a 128MB stick, found an old 40GB Seagate HD, and aquired the disks for OS X.2.

I opened it up and found that there was indeed a second 32 MB stick. I replaced it with the 128 MB, but the Mac won't acknowledge it. Can someone help me?

I am yet to install the hard drive or OS X.


I am using 100Mhz 144 pin SO-DIMMs. I swapped the RAM so the 128 is now on the bottom and the 32 is on top. It is working well now.

"Why are you spending any money trying to upgrade such an old machine?"

I spent $24 on the RAM from The hard drive is a salvage from the computer graveyard I have at work. I only want to upgrade it enough to put OSX on it. My kids (ages 2 and 4) will use it to use the internet.
I'd stick to OS 9 if I were you.

OS X on a 233Mhz machine with only 160MB of RAM is not going to be a pleasant experience...
For people in their 70s that may not be able to "push" the computer as hard as more technical-minded people like the members here, a Bondi 233MHz iMac with 160MB of RAM may suffice -- but for everyday use, I would recommend something just a tad faster and more powerful.

Still, if I had that machine just laying around my house, I'd most definitely slap Panther on there as well.