Bonjour Print Wizard Can Not Find Any Printers In Windows10

Samuel C

I installed the bonjour print wizard on laptop running w 10. The first time it found my HP printer and successfully printed a msg from I-pad. The next day the wizard can not find any printer. I have Mcafee firewall but have to turn it off to get the wizard to work the first time. I set Mcafee to open port UDP 5353 but still could not get thru it so just turn it off for the time being. ITunes is up to date, and bonjour services is running. Printer is set up correctly. Help
If it worked once, it could simply be what I call a "hiccup". I'd give it the old "turn it off and on again" for everything, i.e. router, Wi-Fi Hotspot, computers, printers, tablets – everything.