Boot Camp Problem

Jade Warrior

All of a sudden my Windows XP partition is gone along with alot of valuable data. The drive no longer shows up on the OS-X desktop, nor in the disk utiility. I also no longer get the Windows icon choice at boot up.

The first time I noticed the problem I started the computer as normal, after a few seconds all that appeared on the screen was a flashing cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. After trying once more and getting the same result I pressed the option key and selected MAC OS. And it booted up fine. I disk a disk repair (there were some problems), and a restore from Time Machine, but still no Windows. Is there any way to recover from this?




You can try booting from the install disc and then see if you still have the windows partition. If not your info might be lost.

Id try taking it to Mac Store if its under a yr old.