Booting from a FireWire HD (problem)


Uber Nothing
I'm fairly confused right now. I recently bought an external FireWire/USB2 HDD case from newegg, transplanted my 7200 RPM 40GB external HD from it's old case into the new one, and did a complete erase and install of Tiger on the new FWHD. It is recognized everywhere on my system as a mounted and bootable drive with v.10.4 on it, but will not boot. I can select from my Startup Disk pane in System Preferences, but when I start my Mac I just get a flashing question mark followed by an automatic start up from the internal drive. It's very angering.....

Anyone know whats up? Here is the case that it's in if thats any help:

Try holding the T key at startup with the drive connected. That is; if you have it connected through Firewire.


Uber Nothing
I tried holding down the T key... no cigar.

If it's not bootable, that's sort of disappointing. It's not necesary to what I use it for, but I would have liked to have a backup that was bootable or had a Ubuntu partition.....

Guess it's just pure back up now.


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You may want to check with the vendor of the case to see if that case is actually "bootable." Some external enclosures do not support booting -- it's rare, but not that rare.