Brand New Macbook Pro 17's on ebay ??


Apologies if this has been covered before but I dont spend much time here ....

How can independent third party electronics companies sell "Brand New Macbook Pro 17" (October 2011 Current Release) macs for £500 less than apple can sell them ?

Has anyone any ideas ?

I'm looking to replace my MBP 17 and the chance to save £500 would seriously help me in the negotiations with she whom must be obeyed .... Is it a con ? Is Oct 2011 actually still a current spec model release ?

Whats the trick ?


They can't. The computers are refurbished, stolen, or fakes. If it seems too good to be true, then it is not true.


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You might want to contact the seller directly and ask them those same, exact questions. There's no harm or shame in asking someone to validate that what they say they're selling is actually what they're selling.

Expanding on what MisterMe said -- retailers of Apple gear do not get breaks. They pay only slightly less than what a consumer pays for any particular Apple item -- making it extremely difficult for any retailer to sell Apple gear at less than what Apple sells it for (which is precisely what Apple wants -- it's no coincidence). In every case, the retailer would be taking a loss on that sale, which is contrary to Business 101.

Also, don't forget to add "scam" into the list of possibilities.


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And if you do buy from Ebay, Craigslist etc, make the seller give you also the original receipt (assuming it's an individual seller) for the Mac. You'll need it for warranty etc.
And of course all the discs that shipped with the computer, and the box etc.
But yes, he should have a pretty good and convincing reason for selling it for that price.


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Certain second-hand dealers will strip Macs of some of their hardware to bring the price down - sell the memory, change out the SuperDrive, downgrade the HD, sell the power adapter, etc. One of the nice things with Apple is that the AppleCare/warrenty will be entirely attached to the serial, so you can register it as long as it is under a year old.