Brand new Macbook Pro doesn't read CDs... help!


The new Macbook I purchased earlier today won't read disks. The disk drive itself will only occasionally accept the disk, as it usually feels like I have to force it in. It often gets stuck 3/5 the way in and is blocked by some sort of internal wall. When it does accept the disk, it spits it out in about 5 seconds. I checked the Disk Utility to see if it registers that there at least IS a disk in the "SuperDrive" (when it did accept it), and all it said was "Waiting for the drive.", before it spit the disk out.

This Macbook is literally brand new, I've done nothing to the computer except for register it through Apple, and create my login information. Ironically, one of a few major problems with my last computer was a failing disk drive...

Is there something I'm missing? If it won't work I'll just take it back, but the nearest store is a few hundred miles out.

Sounds like your brand-new MBPro has a bum optical drive. It happens occasionally (yes, even on a brand-new Mac), and that's why you have a warranty.
You need to contact AppleCare for assistance.
Where do you live (what country?)
In the USA, you can call 1-800-MY-APPLE for AppleCare support for your new MacBook.
In another country, the user guide that came in the box will give you contact numbers to call, or you can look in the support page.

I trust that the tech that you talk to at Apple will either sort things out, or give you some choices about what they can do, or what you can do.

That being said - how do you know that your own disks are good? Your new MBPro didn't come with any CDs, so perhaps your old Mac created some bad disks, and you continue to try those same bad CDs....
Are you trying to install some software from original disks? Or installing from disks that you burned on your old Mac?
(just a suggestion)
If you're pretty sure the disks that you are trying are OK, then your next step is to call Apple for help. There's not much anyone can do here, if you need to use your warranty...
I'm positive it's a faulty disk drive and not the CDs, I've tested it with music CDs, DVDs, and Application-based software. I purchased the Mac at a Best Buy in Georgia (USA), but I live (and am currently) in North Carolina. I will be going to Raleigh tomorrow for New Years Eve, and I did purchase a 2 year extended warranty through Best Buy (despite having the given 1 year manufacturers warranty). Do you think this is a problem they can fix there, or is it more likely that I'll need a replacement?

I'm hoping they'll allow me to swap it out at the Best Buy in Raleigh, but unfortunately the box it came in is back in Georgia. I just kind of want a working computer ASAP.

Thank you very much for your help!
Depends on which BestBuy. Some BB stores that I've been in (but that's only about 6), I wouldn't trust to take care of changing a light bulb in a flashlight...
MUCH prefer an Apple retail store, particularly over BB... :D
I don't know where you live, but there's an Apple store in Raleigh, and one in Durham, and it's not too far to Greensboro.