Bring back the Users and Groups control panel

chris v

Or at least move the ability to set access for external users from Net Info Manager to the Users control panel.

The biggest roadblock i've come across in OS X has been trying to configure access for my other Macs, via ethernet.

I figured it out, eventually, by reading forums, and surfing several help sites, but the Net Info Manager is NOT exactly the first place an experienced OS 9 person would intuitively look, and the interface, once you get there, is clunky. I had to just guess how to change priveliges for users, but I got it right, eventually.


I would agree that it works better than in OS 9, but there should be an easier way to change things than NetInfo Manager. Even though I kind of like it. Of course, I kind of like the terminal too, so maybe it is just me :)
"This makes it impossible to set up a system under OS X where, for example, your colleages could add/modify files in a folder, while clients could access the same folder, but not modify files. "

Just a thought, could you put an alias of the folder your colleagues write to into the clients read only folder?