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i burn a disc and it says: the attempt to burn a disc failed , the burn failed because of a medium write error- what can i do? i erased the disc as well so nothing else was on it, hoping you can help
The only type of optical disk that you can erase are CD-rw or DVD-rw - well, and RAM-DVDs, if you have such.
Anything else is usable to record or burn only once, So if you erase, it's done, you can't reuse it.
Which do you have?

If you are using Re-writeable disks, then you can try cleaning the drive, or try a different brand of disk.
In my experience, re-writeable disks are quite limited in the number of times they can be erased.
yep they are re-writable ones, never had this error before, only been erased maybe 2or 3 times though.. the brand of disc should be ok, burned on that disc before, should i try burning in disc utility instead? i think they are verbatim ,would have to check
My opinion is: rewriteables are a waste of good plastic.
You're always subject to the reliability/age of the media, and the disks remain limited in capacity.
Flash drives, everything considered, take up whatever utility that you might get from re-writeables, without the propensity to damage of optical media.
I can't think of any good reason to even have one...
rant over -
If you start getting errors, then the drive may need to be cleaned, or it may just be starting down the path to failure.
But, sure, try using Disk Utility for burning. Other burning apps ultimately use the same system processes - so I would expect the same results.
What other software (instead of Disk Utility) did you use to erase the disk?
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i like these cos they last for longer.. ...

Ah, then 'tis a wonderful thing to discover that you might have a mistaken belief about that.
Unfortunately, it's not too unusual to find that some media manufacturers occasionally change the active layers of the media to other, shall we say, not-so-rebust materials.