Burn playable VIDEO_TS folders without Toast?


I have been using my uncle's dual G5 and Toast 6 to backup my DVD movies. However, I no longer have access to that machine, and therefore Toast.

It is a pretty expensive program, and i really only used it to burn movies playable in my computer and most DVD players, so i can't really justify spending $100 on it.

So does anyone know of a free app that burns VIDEO_TS folders in the manner that toast did (Data --> UDF) so that they are playable in DVD players & my computer?

I tried BurnX Free which i found from Macupdate, and unsucessfully burnt two coasters with it. So before i move on, i want to find out if anyone has had success at this with a free app they could point me to.

1) Place the original DVD that you want to copy in the Mac disc drive.
2) This will launch the Apple DVD Player. Close the DVD Player and find the DVD icon on your Desktop.
3) Use the Disk Utility that can be found in the Utilities folder inside the Application Folder. Select the DVD from the panel list on the left. Click the New Image icon on the Disk Utility window.
4) Next, a new Save As dialog box will appear, just enter the new name for the DVD and select the destination to save the file. Make sure there is enough room in the destination drive. Select the DVD / CD master in the Image Format drop down. Make sure the Encryption is set to none. Click the Save button.
5) You will now see a Progress Bar and after the copying process is completed you will see a new item in the Disk Utility window.
6) This is the DVD copy. You can now eject the original DVD from the disc drive.
7) Now select this new new DVD image item from the Disk Utility Window and click on the Burn button. The burn window will drop down. You can select burners, (if you have more than one DVD burner), burn speed and 'Verify burn'. After inserting a blank DVD, click the Burn button bottom right of the Burn window.
From: http://www.easydvdburning.com/free-dvd-burning-software-for-mac.htm

Basically, you create a "CD/DVD master" image of the video DVD, then burn the image to a blank DVD-R, which preserves the UDF format.