Burning CD's in Tiger


Ihave recently upgraded to Tiger, but when burning CD's there is no option to change the format in which you burn the CD......

.....or is there?
Depends on what you're talking about. Burning CDs from the Finder results in a hybrid format that works well with PCs and Macs. Does that need changing? I find it useful that way.

Disk Utility can burn ISOs and .dmgs. iTunes can be used for Audio CDs... I don't think anything really changed between Panther and Tiger there besides burnable folders in the Finder (but that has nothing to do with disc formats either...).
I was trying to burn an Audio CD from iTunes, but when it's played back after burning - nothing can be heard.. however I know it isn't a problem with my CD burner as it copies normal disks fine..

WHat format do I need and how do I go about changing it for when I wish to burn the audio files? All I can figure out what to do is simply open the burn folder, click burn & enter CD when asked to.. there are no options from here to change the format.
Look in iTunes' Preferences under "Burning" and make sure that you're set up to burn an "Audio CD." Any other format will not work in a standard CD player (unless it's a CD player/MP3 player hybrid device).