Burning Photos From Iphoto to a Cd With Macosx



I have a MACOSX version 10.2.8
How do I burn photos from iphoto to a CD. There is no burn icon to be seen in iphoto. I have created a file on desktop and moved photos from photo library to the file, then burned it using read/write but when I tried to load it into my laptop PC, it was unable to read the CD. I have just received ilife and am now waiting for Tiger to arrive so that I can install it hoping it will solve my problems. But meanwhile I would love to know how to burn a CD of my photos so that it can be read by a PC running Windows XP using 10.2.8 version.


U.S.D.A. Prime
Create your Album, drag the photos into it from the Library, then select the Album. Then, select "Burn Disc" from the "Share" menu.

Edit: I just realized that the iPhoto that runs under Mac OS X 10.2.8 may not have this option. What version of iPhoto are you using?