Burning programs from TV onto DVD. Is it legal?


Am I allowed to make copies of television programs on DVDs and then sell them on?

Also, if I didn't record it myself am I allowed to download the program off limewire, record it onto a DVD and then sell it on?

For example, I downloaded the first 4 episodes of The OC (a tv program), season 3 off limewire. Was this illegal? Am I allowed to record it onto DVDs and then sell them on?


dam! thats so annoying! i live in england UK.

so if you you record a program onto a video from tv, you cant reproduce and sell that video on?

thats so annoying!


I see from another thread that you are in the U.K. so that is a put you in jail and fine you for piracy sort of country.

Lots of times casual piracy is overlooked because it is just too hard to police but when you start talking about doing it professionally and charging money, I think the man might take notice.

So I propose a social experiment. Go buy a DVDR drive per your other thread and burn 100 copies of the OC and take out a newspaper ad hocking them. Then measure how long it takes the police to contact you and then how much the fine/sentence is versus the income generated.

It will be jolly fun!

/ Sorry for the snark, it has been one of those days.
// EDIT: I wrote this before the above reply, that makes the snark seam even more snarky.


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You could do it and keep it for yourself legally probably, as long as you just watch it and don't sell it. It'd be the same as recording it off tv with a video tape.


You may record by any means for personal use, but not for resale. You might be entitled to give/loan copies to friends, but not to rent them out. As soon as you make money from them or mass-distribute them, it becomes illegal. Pretty simple, no?


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The reason for all of this is that the video you recorded is not your own intellectual property, and therefore you don't have the right to make money off of it.

I'm not gonna lecture on piracy, but imagine if you recorded a song that was pretty darn good, and a friend recorded it. He then turns around and sells a bunch of copies of the song and makes a bunch of money, but shares none of it with you.