Camcorders compatible with i-Movie


Problem: Which camcorders really work & interact properly, all the time with i-Movie. Sony HC22E seems to be very intermittent & I have returned the camera. But now what? Has anyone experience with Canon MV850i? Or ... any other small digital camcorder. The Apple lists seems out of date ie none of the camaras in the shops/on line seem to be included. Sony was of no help at all. So, generally ... HELP!! Thanks. Brimstone
MisterMe Thanks 4 response I have checked what I can I have not found any that comment on compatibility with iMovie. Hence the appeal via Forum to see if anyone has actual experience ie which camera anyone has that works with no problems! So still ... Help!!
I've had extremely good luck with Canon-branded DV cams. Apple used to have a list of officially supported DV cameras that were compatible with iMovie, but now they simply say "Movie HD supports a vast array of digital camcorders — from standard DV to HDV to solid state MPEG-4 video cameras."

Here is a list of DV cameras that are officially "compatible" with Mac OS X:
I assume that means that all the cameras on that list will at least have some basic functionality with iMovie, but I would suspect that certain cameras have features and that iMovie supports them on some but not others.

Tough to tell, but I would recommend Canon.
Thanx ElDiabloConCaca Appreciate your response and time. I shall take your recommendation and try Canon MV 850i which has (I think) DV in and out which has to be a useful feature. Any further help still appreciated. I still find it odd that the Sony HC22E I bought & returned worked perfectly about 10% of the time but wouldn't import at all (ie just the blue screen "Camera Connected" etc fast rewind , fast forward but no video or sound) for the other 90%