Can I reset my Master Password ?


Hi there,

I've checked through the FAQ's and previous threads with no luck, so...

Ten days ago I was silly enough to change all my passwords before going on holiday. With no interaction with my computer until today, although the single malt whisky may also share some of the blame... :), I was unable to remember my new login, keychain or master password.

Anyway, I reset my admin pwd with the start up disc, but I was unable to reset my keychain and master passwords without knowing the 'old password' for each.

I have since created a new keychain (with a password to match my login), but I would like to know if there is any way I can reset the Master Password without having to know the old/forgotten Master Password.

(I don't have Filevault on, so my data is quite accessible, yet I would still like to reset the Master Password to something less obscure in case this scenario repeats itself someday.)

Thanks in advance

12" Powerbook (revD)
OSX 10.4 512Mb RAM


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Unfortunately, you can't reset a password on a keychain, as this is used to encrypt the keychain using AES-128 encryption.

You can reset the master password for the primary admin account by booting from the Mac OS X install CD (by holding hte C button at startup) but it sounds like you've already done this.

Aside from these two passwords, I can't think of any other password you'd refer to as a "master password".


Thanks for the feedback,

Yep its the 'safety-net' one.
Could a reinstall of tiger reset it, or even perhaps a clean install?
Or maybe I should just undergo deep hynosis ! :)))



Thanks for your replies. I have since managed to remember my old/original Master Pwd and it is now written down somewhere, only to be used in case of dire emergencies.