Can I use my laptop to console into a PowerMac G4?


OS X Friendly
I got an old PowerMac G4 tower from work that they were going to toss away. I want to reimage it but I do not have any monitors to hook up to it. I have an iMac and a MBP on hand. Recommendations on any console viewing applications and methods to hook up to it?
Do you want to use that PowerMac? or just wipe the drive?

Just for an OS X install, you could connect the PowerMac to another Mac with a Firewire cable, booting the old tower to Target Disk mode.
The other Mac would also need to be one capable of booting to the same version of OS X that you would be installing, and you would just use the old PowerMac as a destination for the install.

How do you intend to use the old G4 (just curious)?

Do you have an OS X installer old enough for that PowerMac?
Some will be limited to 10.4 - which will be fine on any G4, but 10.5 is a possibility.
You won't be able to do anything, other than wipe the drive, unless you have an acceptable OS X installer that will boot your PowerMac.
You may want to check for the old OS X installer, if the PowerMac was being trashed, then the software might already be gone.