Can not read pdf documents fropm email


SOLVED-I cannot easily read .pdf attachments to email. I get the following error message. The pdf is not downloaded to the location where I told Firefox to save downloads. I use Firefox 12 and the Add-on "PDF Download". I have tried removing this add-on but it did not help.
I am willing to delete this add-on and use another one if necessary to easily read PDFs. My system is Mac OSX 10,7.4 [Lion]. My mail system is a web based system. PDF documents are in-line or listed for download. Neither works for me. I wish to keep my web-based mail because I also use Windows to access it.
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The plugin may be old since it came out in 2011. Just try once not using the plugin and when you come up on the pdf just right click, download and use either Preview or Quick Look to look at the pdf.

Also there is the shareware PDF Pen if you want to more with PDFs.

Lastly under Lion you can sign a PDF document with no extra software. You can see this in the video How To Sign A Document Using Preview In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

One more thing, try the web pdf Mail program from Safari and see if it can see the PDF attachment.
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I removed the plug-in.
When I right-clicked there wasn't any choice to download or view.
When it left-click it started up the regular save or view feature of OSX.
When I checked the box for view it displayed the pdf OK.

Any idea why I don't have an option to download for a right-click?
Is there a way to add such an option?
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