Can someone walk me through the new and improved HS email settings that have no explanation?


Recently I changed hosts and am having issues setting up the email. As usual there are settings such as TLS? and XYZ certificates that no one explains. You're supposed to know what to set up. I keep forgetting to feed the IT Administrator who's locked in the basement.

But, aside from these obvious settings that aren't obvious to most of us, now I see I have, for example:
Drafts, On My Mac
Drafts, [GMAIL] Folder (nothing there, just the grey folder)
(Airplane) SENT [email address in gmail

TRASH - in a trash bin that's in GMAIL, or the TRASH BIN on the "On the Mac" ....
(And I think I've finally been able to "TRASH" the GMAIL TRASH totally by accident. IT appears I only have 8000 emails now instead of 35,000.

So, what do these mean?
What are the differences in the choices?
Why so many choices?

Or, is there some place I can get this information?
The Apple information is
The Sent folder means a sent folder. Choose a sent folder.
And the Draft folder is a draft folder. Choose a draft folder.

Attached are screen captures of three different email accounts' junk settings. And each has different choices.
Where did those come from?
And how do I get rid of some, llike the one that has all those duplicate folders?
And I have one account (Another gmail) that doesn't offer the same icons for DRAFT or TRASH as another does. I assume those are settings like "Show" or "Hide" or "OFTEN" or "PERHAPS" in GMail?

And, back to the IMAP/SSL/TLS settings. 993, 465, .... All well and good, but

It appears there is a standard "here's the info to set up your email" for various hosts and it stops with MOUNTAIN LION. Huh? What's up with that?


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I agree it is confusing. First: When you set up your email, it more than likely set it up as IMAP. Your emails are on the server so you can check them on any one of your devices. (iPhone, iPad, desktop, web).
From the first screen shotYou have lots of folders - some are probably from previous email accounts or previous set ups.
On My Mac are the folders you created to keep (save) in Mail on your computer but not in any folder that is attached to any email account.
You can select to hide or show these folders - along with any of the folders that are the same in the email as on the web account of your email.

My first screen shot shows that I am showing my iCloud folders but not my sbcglobal account.
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 7.28.30 PM.png

In Mail, each account will have its own inbox, its own sent, junk, trash, etc. Like this:
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 7.30.28 PM.png

You don't need to see all those, so you click on that little arrow to hide them. The only one I want to see is my inbox where I can decide which email to check out first. When you empty the trash, all the trashed emails from each account gets deleted. When you empty Junk, again, all the junk from the various accounts will get trashed.
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 7.34.17 PM.png

Those extra folders that you don't want, just make sure they do not have emails in them that you want, then trash it. You are in control of what you want. It could be that things just got jumbled - which happens.


Thanks. Apparently part of the issue I am also having with my APPLE MAIL is that there are issues regarding High Sierra and APPLE MAIL. I am able to send but not receive at the moment. I have my host working on it as well. APPLE MAIL is also showing any incoming mail on my WEBMAIL (the direct route to email on a website vs. third party) as read, though nothing indicates that it should be doing that and the Host says it's doing it "for some reason."

I was able to get rid of a lot of the settings on the APPLE MAIL re: the Gmail with their stupid SHOW HIDE LABELS IMAP SHOW settings.