Can You Load A Number Of Dns Server Settings?


Just curious as I cannot find this answer: I currently have Google's DNS servers ( etc) and OPENDNS (208.67 x) servers in my DNS settings. I just have them both in there so I don't have to look them up if I want to do anything about changing them. So, my question is, does my computer pull the first DNS server setting (in this case the or does it go down the line if there is an issue ...?

And is there an easy (and I mean easy as in not downloading any apps) to see what DNS setting my router is using at any given time?
Thanks. Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.13.58 AMEST.png
All I know DNS setting behind a home router's setting means almost nothing. On Mac OS is uses the first DNS selection in the list you setup and then if that DNS is not available it will go to the second (in the list) and then others after that in order! So if you want to use OpenDNS move that selection to the top of the list!

If you really want use OpenDNS throughout the home use the OpenDNS setting in the router settings, OpenDNS really suggest this! Plus if your Mac is a laptop in school then put in the OpenDNS setting at the top on the DNS system Preference pane!
Thanks. I was going to switch to daGoogle, but the Open DNS seems to be working fine. I thought I'd changed it in the Netgear router setting, but seemingly not.