Can you please identify these programs?


I posted this question on the apple forums and havent rcvd any response -

my employer gave me a laptop with these programs on it.. can you help me understand what these are? They've taken over every computer in my home.




LUI PasswordChangePopover


ONRPC Framework

SCNKit Type Inspector





SPOS Reporter

Speech Enhancer

BK File System Browser Module



Apple Filer Server





AppleVNC Server Bundle

Bluetooth UI Server

Twain Bridge

SyncServices UI

WIFI Diagnostics

Safari Sync Client

ScreenReader UI Server


Windows Live Quicktime Control Host

SPNetwork Reporter

SP Applications Reporter

SP bluetooth Reporter

OpenGL Framerwork

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
IF you have Macs at home, then - yes - I would expect to find very much the same list of items on any Mac running OS X (plus a lot more).
Why did you limit your list to just those few items?
My Mac has around 500 frameworks (for example) listed in the system. Yours will be a different amount.
Your list covers a very wide range of activities. I suppose someone can tell you what each does, but that's a lot more than I have time for.

You have misspelled a few, but all are just normal parts of an OS X system - and are mostly processes or frameworks used by the system.
They would almost never be independently useful to you, but are just parts that are used by other apps, or services that you use in the OS X system.

If you dig deep into your system, you can discover lots of items that are not easy for most folks to identify - unless you are familiar with OS X coding, and with UNIX, which is (more or less) the code that is underneath everything that you do on your Mac.
I think you can safely say that list of items are not evidence that "something has taken over the computers", but just a normal part of using a Mac.
You can wade through Apple's developer articles, where you should be able to find out (in detail) what each process does.
I can do things directly with a small number of those (maybe 6), but I don't have any interest in most of the others (they just do whatever it is that they do)

You can actually see something similar to that in Windows, if you list out the services that are available in any Windows system.
Just because an app, service, framework, or a bundle happens to have an odd name like TrapReceiver.bundle does not make it a trap.
The ones you have listed are normal parts of the system. Cups has to do with printing, snmp with mail, bluetooth with bluetooth, image capture with Mac OS X capturing pictures (definitely part of the system), headless startup is also part of the system, enabling you to start the system without a display if needed. In short, nothing suspicious on your list.