cannot install xcode


I have os x 10.3.9 and I have all the updates. I tried to use the xcode on my osx cd but it doesn't work? There is no developer.mkpg
XCode and the Developer Tools are included on a separate CD, not on any of the CDs you used to install OS X. The CD should be labeled "Developer Tools."
'Panthers' Xcode 'Developer Tools' disc installs Xcode v. 1.5 via 'XcodeTools.mpkg'.

Obtain Xcode:
Go to the 'Apple Developer Connection' web page, click on the 'Join Now' link, and subscribe for a free ($0.00, 0,00€) developer membership.
Once a member - log in, go to 'Developer Tools' and download 'Xcode Tools 2.1' [751 MB] or Xcode Tools 1.5 [373 MB]. Also available are 'Xcode Tools 2.2 Developer Preview 1' [752 MB] and other useful items.