Cannot save to computer when connected to internet at home?



I have a Macbook Pro laptop that I use both at work and at home. All programs were installed while at work and function fine when I am at work connected to the network. When I try to use a variety of programs (e.g., Adobe CS, MSOffice 2011, TextWrangler, TextEdit) while I am connected to the internet at home (so an off-work network), I am unable to save to disk. Basically the pinwheel starts and eventually the program crashes. If I disconnect from the internet at home, all programs and saving of files seem to work fine.

Seems like a network communication problem of some sort, but I'm not sure. A co-worker suggested it could be a firewall issue, so I turned on my firewall and still have the same problem. So strange... (and irritating!)

Please help.


Is it possible that your files save to a server when at work, and then tries (and fails) to connect to the server (because it's not available at home?)

If any program that you try to save files, crashes - you should be able to look in the Console at either the system.log, or crash files for your particular apps. You may get a clue about why the crashes occur. If it's a network configuration, you should get similar crash logs on any of the apps that crash.


Thanks for the quick response - I went to the console, and it appears as though a persistent and consistent error is occurring (that may or may not be the source of the problem).

5/10/12 9:30:05 AM[1] (org.samba.winbindd) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

I googled this and am trying to sort out this error to start. It seems to be a server issue, which may be part of my overall problem perhaps.


Yep, I think I figured out the problem. The applications were by default attempting to save to NSF mounted drives that are not available when I'm at home. I rebooted, which unmounted the drives, and they seem to be working OK. Not sure if there is a way to unmount these drives w/o rebooting..

I think this other error is a whole different problem, which I would also welcome suggestions! Either way, thank you for your help. :)