Canon i950 will NEVER PRINT!


Tech-Bot 5000
I'm running a canon i950 via usb to my 10.2.8 running iMac 17". Why, whenever I try to print, is my damn printer not available! ARGH!

I haven't changed my system since I got my computer almost 3 years ago and haven't downloaded any updates for the canon.

When I try to print the printer might respond a bit, but then the connection disappears. Getting very sick of this.

Any help greatly appreciated.
UPDATE: It will ONLY print after sleeping the computer or display sleep only if I turn off the printer, un plug it, plug it in again, turn on the printer and then try to print again.

Still very annoying.
i to have a Canon printer (s520) that acted the same way when i first went to tiger. I then went over to the Canon download page and noticed that they quietly released new drivers for 10.4.