Can't Add Songs to iTunes Library


iMac G4 flat screen, 750 MB RAM (otherwise plain vanilla)
OS X 10.4.2
iTunes 4.9

My iMac had about 1100 songs on it, mostly ripped from our CDs, but a few purchased from iTunes. After backing up the computer data files (including songs and photos) to an external hard disk, I did a complete clean install of Tiger (old OS was 10.3). I did NOT do an archive and install -- I thought it best to do a complete erase of the hard disk and new OS reinstall.

At the same time, I also kicked RAM up from 256 to 750 MB follwed by all the software updates including 10.4.2. I did NOT deauthorize the computer in iTunes before erasing the drive.

I restored the photos and music files back to the appropriate folders on the iMac from the external disk. I then tried to use the original iTunes Library file and the iTunes.xml file (from iTunes 4.8), but they don't seem to work on 4.9 (different files names, etc). I moved the original iTunes Library file and xml file to an archive folder and had iTunes create new files.

Now here's the rub --> I then tried adding the existing MP3 files to the new library, but no luck. I can't add songs to the iTunes library. So far, out of 1,100 songs, I've been able to add only add two songs to the new library. If I choose "Add to library" from the menu or drag the songs from the Finder folder to the "library" icon in iTunes, the result is the same -- nothing happens.

Any ideas? This is really frustrating. I've reviewed a couple of Mac forums and there seem to be some serious issues with Tiger and iTunes 4.9, but I haven't heard of anybody else not being able to simply add MP3s to their iTunes library. Everything has run fine for years, but now this disaster...


No, not yet. I'll try it today. Permissions sure do get screwed up easily it seems