cant boot from disk, or at all for that matter


ok so we have an imac g4 with os 10.2 on it and it was acting up so we decided to do a complete reformat following all instructions from the boot disk.

after this the computer froze mid install, we let it sit a couple hours because we heard it took time but ended up having to restart.

Now we can't even boot from the disk holding C or boot anything, a message saying "you need to restart your computer hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button." then the same thing in other languages. I've read this is a kernel message but have no idea what to do...

I also tried the option at restart and clicking on the cd drive then the arrow which did nothing.

so my questions are:
1) how can i get to the cd.
2) how do i install this os without it freaking out again

if someone can help i will owe my life to you!
1) Boot up and immediately hold down the mouse button. That should get the CD to eject.

2) It sounds like you may have some bad RAM or something in that machine -- remove one stick and try with the other, and vice-versa, until you narrow down the culprit. If that doesn't help, further troubleshooting will be needed, but I'm thinking it's a RAM chip.