Can't boot off my Mac OSX CD


I can't boot up using my mac osx cd when i'm trying to install a new hard drive (my old on crashed), i've tried holding down the C key, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm also using a USB dell keyboard, i don't have the mac one, Ok, the alt - windows - P - R worked, i continued to hold them and let the chime ring 2 more times, then i released them and began holding down the C key. The CD drive started up and the screen was gray, then the screen blinked and went right to the question mark and apple logo. I held C down the whole time, could there be an issue with the drive? Don't know why it all of a sudden won't work anymore. I can't boot from any CD now.
Then put the disk in-then hold down the Option(Alt) key during boot up. This should bring up a window for you to choose the the startup disk the Mac and then choose the OS X disk. I hope this helps. If it doesn't, then exchange the OS X disk at an Apple store for one that will boot. Oh one other thing. Sometimes a dirty disk will not boot the Mac. Make sure the CD is clean too.
I've tried all that, holding the alt key goes to a screen with two arrows, and then the mouse just freezes. I have been working with this mac for a little and just a day before it stopped booting, everything worked fine, except the computer didn't recognize the hard drive. I swapped them out and now it won't boot anymore. Don't understand why it would just stop....
The other bootable disks that i have are not booting either. Could there be a problem with the drive or the system board? Just don't get why it stopped working all of a sudden.