Can’t change Safari homepage.


My wife complained to me that when she opens a new Safari page (on her iMac running 10.13.6), instead of the expected Google search page, now she always gets I looked in Safari’s preferences and, sure enough, the homepage is set to Apple. When I try to change it, after I click away, it reverts back to Apple.

I found several references to this behavior online, all suggesting to remove a user profile and instructions to do so. But there are no profiles - meaning there is no system preferences entry named profiles.

I do not have this problem on my iMac.

Any ideas?


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Can you locate the user profile on your machine?

See if this will correct the issue:

Quit Safari
Go to Home>Library>Preferences
Locate and trash
Empty the trash, launch Safari, Adjust the preferences for home page.


The home Library is normally hidden, so if you don't see a Library folder in your home folder, go to the Go menu in the Finder. Press the Option key to see the Library appear in that menu, then click on that. The rest is just looking through folders.


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
There is another spot.....Go to Home>Library>SyncedPreferences