Can't Find Setting


I'm on a new MBP 13" with touchbar. As an aside, I've yet to use the touchbar but I still somehow believe its cool. Oh... the touch id to wake up from sleep is definitely nice. Aside from that, I've never used it.

Anyhow... when I grab a window and slide it to the top of the screen, it (of course) first bumps into the main menu bar across the top. If my mouse continues up and enters the menu bar, the window wants to grow to fill the entire screen. A shadow type thing fills the screen. If I drag the mouse back down out of the menu bar, the shadow thingy disappears.

This is new behavior to me. I can't find where to turn it off.

Now that I know how to control it and when it happens it may not be such a big deal but for a few days it just seemed daemon possessed.
When you touch the top of the screen with a window, your system assumes that you want to move that window to another space, so you see Mission Control open with a view of all your open windows, and the other spaces that you might be using showing along the top of the Mission Control screen.

I found that you can turn off Mission Control, which will prevent it from launching when you bump a window against the top edge of your screen. There may be other unintended effects, but I don't know what they may be. However, if Mission Control is annoying to you, you could try turning Mission Control off, and see how that works for you.
There's no GUI setting to turn off Mission Control, but OnyX, as an example of a system maintenance app, can do that easily.
I found it. I use Better Touch Tool. It is a "feature" of it that you can turn off. For anyone else that happens to bump into this thread: BetterTouchTool -> Preferences. Click the "Advanced" button on the left. Then click Advanced Settings. Then click Window Snappping Settings. There you will find a plethora of options that you can twiddle with. They call it "Windows 7 Style Resizing".

The one and only reason I use Better Touch Tool is I can hook up a gesture for middle mouse click. I happen to use "right tip-tap". e.g. Browsers open a new window via middle mouse button. There is other features like paste in an old fashion X11 window. There is a quick easy right button for the track pad but no default quick easy middle button (that I know of).