Cant print PDF File


Im trying to print a PDF File that was sent to my email… I have Mac OS X Version 10.7.5.. and i have a HP Photosmart 110.. I have printed before but not a PDF File… So what am i doing wrong?… I checked and yes i have ink and paper in the printer.. Any help would
be appreciated… Thank you...
Can you view the .pdf?
Be sure to save the file to your desktop (or wherever you prefer, just so you know where the PDF file is located on your hard drive...)
Open the downloaded PDF in your Preview app, or even better, use the Adobe Reader app if you don't have any luck with the Preview app.
You SHOULD be able to print a PDF that you can open with Preview.
If you don't have Adobe Reader, download and install, and then try printing your PDF. If Reader doesn't work, then you may just have a corrupted file. I see bad PDFs infrequently, usually email attachments. In that possibility, have the sender try to send the attachment again.